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We have developed a step-by-step web form for you to answer key questions about your strategy in just a few minutes. 

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Our artificial intelligence algorithm will take care of programming the code, you will only have to download the code and import it into NinjaTrader platform. 

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Write us an email and we will design your code with the highest quality and professionalism.

Fill out the form

It will only take you a few minutes

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Our AI algorithm will generate the code for you.

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"With Strategy Generator I can create strategies that follow my trading plan and rules automatically. In addition, it allows me to do a very fast backtesting"
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John Doe
Future trader
" I can test any idea that pops into my head without hiring a programmer and without having to share sensitive information"
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Chris Dotan
"I make any modification of my trading strategies without spending extra money on programmers and without waiting times, in a few clicks I have my strategy running"
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Ava Tain
Graphic Designer

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