How to Import a Strategy in NinjaTrader 8

Not sure how to import a strategy into your NinjaTrader?

I will explain in 5 simple steps how you can import and execute in your NinjaTrader any strategy. Especially those strategies that you have created with the best Trading Strategy Generator.

Step 1. Go to Control Center in Ninjatrader 8

Step 2. Import Strategy in Ninjatrader 8

  • Look for Tool Section
  • Click on Import
  • Select NinjaScript Add-On…

Step 3. Look for you Strategy

  • Once you have generated the strategy with Strategy Generator, you have download a .zip file
  • Look for this .zip file
  • Click OK

Step 4. Launch the Strategy on a Chart

  • Open a new Chart going to Control Center/New/Chart
  • Right click on the graphic.
  • Enter in Strategies section and look for your strategyname.
  • Find the Enable button and click Ok.

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